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Eaton Farms Christmas Program 2011 offers real and easy solutions that support Just-in-Time Inventory, Reduced Inventory Levels, Efficient Delivery, East Coast Supplier, Holiday Topiary, Great Tagging and Decorating and LIVE CONTAINER GROWN CHRISTMAS TREES!

Just-in-Time Inventory - Check out our Pallet shipping program that allows for quick delivery of reduced quantities and easy reorder, don't miss a sale!

East Coast Supplier - We can provide the opportunity for reorder, smaller minimum orders and deeply reduced shipping costs!

Container Grown Christmas Trees - Eaton Farms grows White Pine, Norway Spruce and Shiner Blue Spruce in sizes up to a #10 36-42".

Holiday Topiary - New for this season, #3 24" Holiday Topiary - sure to be a top seller!

Eaton Farms has been planning or studying for years to meet your needs and solve your challenges associated with live Christmas Evergreens of all sizes!

Eaton Farms offers the most efficient list of Christmas Items on the market, not full of fluff, but a list of proven performers for the Christmas Season... Proven by our own research and direct experience in selling Live Christmas Evergreens of all sizes.

From our Research conducted every Christmas Season, we know and now you know the following:

Click here to download the 2011 Christmas Evergreens Order Form

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Click here to download the 2011 Live Christmas Tree Package - Palletized

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