Eaton Farms has Containerized Evergreens!

Eaton Farms has a Late Season Evergreen Program that is fantastic for retail sales in both the fall and late season such as Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season for easy to plant, easy to transport and great looking plant material homeowners will love.

Palletized - Check out our Pallet pricing for this program: easy to receive, allows your staff to unload quickly and more efficiently, and keeps the plants looking great.

Shipping to Zones A, B and C - See our new Shipping Zones to understand which zone your center is in.

Festive Topiary - Poodle and Spiral Topiaries are easy to decorate and make a great workshop for your DIY clients

How Do I Order? Our Sales Team is on call via phone or email: Call the Office at 610.926.2312 or email Ken at

Some of the best sellers of 2018:

1. Dwarf Alberta Spruce No. 1

2. Dwarf Alberta Spruce No. 3

3. Blue Spruce Shiner 24-30"

4. Norway Spruce No. 3

5. Norway Spruce 24-30"

6. White Pine 24-30"

7. Thuja - Emerald Green Poodle & Spiral No. 3

We are always available to assist and look forward to working with you. If you have any questions please call the Sales Office.

Your Eaton Farms Sales Team

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