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Eaton Farms was the first nursery to introduce a regional brand and the very first to offer a guarantee program designed to partner with the retail garden center and destroy competition from mass merchandisers.

Branding provides your customers with a choice. By offering the Pennsylvania Pride brand of Trees you're reinforcing your brand, product differentiation and assisting your customer in making a purchasing choice.

For your customer, purchasing a tree is as difficult a choice as making a medical decision; in this case you're the doctor. Their decision is a personal and emotional one for them, and as an industry we need to be sure we understand this process. Imagine how frightening this decision is for your customer. They have little to no knowledge or experience from which to make this choice. The fear of loss or failure is huge, and this is a great unknown for your clients.

Pennsylvania Pride Trees speak directly to these fears and concerns; we take the fear out of the buying process. The brand creates trust, and the guarantee supports your margin and retail price strategy.

Eaton Farms is not revolutionary by introducing branding at this level to Trees. Eaton Farms is playing catch up! Your customers are accustomed to branding and relying on branding to assist in their shopping choices and preferences. The absence of branding creates doubt and lowers product value dramatically.

The Pennsylvania Pride brand was developed to create strong partnerships between the grower and retailer, and to support improved margins. After several years we can, without a doubt, say it works!

Remember, a tree is just a tree until your name is placed on it. Provide your customers with the tools to make educated choices in your nursery. Branding is the vehicle through which we can inform your customers that there is a difference in quality and value between you, your competition and the boxes!


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